Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ama Flipped

A couple weeks ago I flipped the ama over and started work on the interior.  

The keel panels needed taping with two or three layers of fiberglass.  Fillets were applied to the keel seam and the bulkhead intersections.

A final coat of epoxy went over the seams and interior.  I went with West's 207 special clear epoxy resin as it contains less amine which is beneficial to the barrier coat.  Also added 422 barrier coat compound.

The ballast tanks were then post cured.   It is suggested that the barrier coat should be heated to 120F (49C) or above for four to eight hours.  I piped hot air from a small ceramic heater into the space.  If you place the the heater inside, the thermal safety circuit will shut the machine down repeatedly.  I also added two 125W infrared light bulbs.  250W bulbs are available, but I was fearful of burning things in the small area.  This setup kept the temperature between 130F  (54C) and 155F (68C).  I clamped the lights to shine on the protruding tops of the bulkheads separately.

Task time: 110 hours
Total project time: 770 hours