Friday, April 11, 2014

The Slows

I have been busy with some other projects and have only spent about 20 hours on the boat the last couple of weeks.  Tasks include more layers of uni carbon protrulsion and fairing corners of the pultrusion layers into the beam corners. The stacks of pultrusion create gaps that have to be faired before layers of bi-directional cloth can be laid over the top and bottom of the aka beams. You get glue squeeze out under the clamps and it makes for inconsistent edges.  I'm doing some test layups to see if I can find a more uniform way of doing these.  Pictures later...

I have calculated there are about 20 more carbon layups for the beams.  About 16 of these require hand clamping every six inches.

There is more information on the Cheers posters at PT Watercraft.

Task time: 20 hours
Total project time: 232 hours