Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Last Carbon on Mainsheet Beam

After a bit of fairing to level any previous layup seams, I have applied the final layer of carbon.

This is a 300gm/sqm bidirectional sleeve. The sleeve went on before wet out.  It looked pretty hard to wet it out and then slide the slimy, slick tube over the beam.  I rolled and squeegeed multiple coats on the beam, as I was a bit worried about full saturation of cloth this heavy. 

There was some creative clamping going on.  I skipped vacuum bagging to avoid wrinkling.  The sleeve can be stretched pretty tight by hand.

Finishing will require fill coats of epoxy and sanding smooth.  The worst of the process will be sanding the gathered ends to blend them into the end shapes.  

Task time: 12 hours
Total project time: 346 hours